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Our story

Camille, the founder of risu•risu

risurisu la fondatrice

risu•risu is the very intimate story of Camille Fleck, who truly manages to combine her passion for child fashion and ecology.

"When I was a little girl, my dolls were stunning, there was no TV at home, and I spent hours knitting for my doll. I was already dreaming of sewing my own clothes, but I didn't know how to do it. I didn't wait long before trying it, because I had learnt a few things about sewing in high school, and because I had two daughters who I could dress... It was a real pleasure !

As I had more children (two sons, who are more difficult to dress), I discovered another way of life, that cared for the health of my family. My kids were too often sick, and I cured them with natural medicines. I also started to eat organic food. My passion for ecology then led me to quit big companies and to start my own business in Italy and in Spain, where we lived twice. The company that I had started sold organic cosmetics.

When I came back to Paris, the market of organic products had grown, and I opened a store in Paris, called My Sweet Bio, and offering very selective organic products for children. Four great years of studying what kind of stuff young parents expect... and what wasn't available on the market yet !

Two daughters later, and leaving France again for Germany, I can eventually combine my two passions and create a true fashion brand, which sells only organic clothes, for children but also focusing on babies.
I can not imagine clothing a newborn with a non organic body (in order to protect his skin from dangerous materials), nor letting my baby play with a teddy that would come from a non controlled place… It is urgent that mums can dress their children peacefully… »

These details that make risu.risu

Just like its mascot, a squirrel, risu•risu makes us recall the laughs of childhood, babies’ first babbles, and the magic of first times. As a matter of fact, « risu » means squirrel in japanese.

risu•risu is a relaxed fashion style, thought for the comfort of our children, far away from fashionable phenomena. Nothing is left to chance : organic cotton (Gots certified or produced in France), ecological dyeing (also made in France and according to Gots rules), clothes production in France and Spain.

risu•risu is the guarantee of the most beautiful organic clothes, from 0 to 10 years old, and products that seduce children as much as their parents. Come and discover our special collections, which are absolutely to catch your attention !

PS : just to see if you payed attention : all in all, how many children are there ?